I am a recent graduate of Spring Arbor University (SAU), with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing.  Alongside the degree I also have an ESL teaching certificate. I was born in Indonesia and moved to the United States in 2001. With my degree, I hope to work as a freelance blogger for a non-profit organization, write for a magazine, or become a photojournalist for publications like NatGeo or Digital Photographer.

I’m also passionate about photography. I am experienced in portrait photography specifically, and dabble in landscape photography here and there. As a known introvert, I much prefer being behind the lens, rather than in front, but I enjoy capturing the moments of others.


In regards to work experience, I was a Resident Assistant at my university, worked on the SGA Cabinet, I also blogged for SAUspace, a student blog run by the Marketing and Communications Team at SAU. To read my work, visit www.sauspace.com. As of right now, I am a barista at a local Starbucks and I substitute teach. In the near future, I plan on working in the career field I studied in.

I believe as humans, we are gifted with the skill to connect with others.  Everyone can communicate in a variety of ways. I think my best method of communication is done through writing. Whenever I think about communication, my thoughts instantly go to words. For me, words have influence in everything I do. Words help express emotions, tell the stories of my dreams, relay my fears, show my accomplishments, and even my failures. I think words bring life to people, and writing helps those words become memories that will last lifetimes. I love writing because it solidifies the words that I use to connect with others around me. My words become an illustration of symbols that others can read, use, and even be encouraged by. Writing inspires me to bring joy to those in need of a smile. And most importantly, when words in my speech fail, writing steps in to express the words that speech cannot. So without further ado, here are my words.Love, Ang signature



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