bite my tongue

They sit and wait, these words.

Formed from thoughts contrived in my mind,

These words meant to discourage and inflict pain,

Spiteful and full of resentment,

Are in response to the disloyal act done toward me,

Acts unforgotten.

The flesh only knows how to resound in anger,

Quick to unleash harbored hurt,

Eager to spew malicious comments, unkind word vomit,

Hoping that it will defuse the bitterness.

But the Holy Spirit stirs within my soul,

And reassures me that whatever done to me doesn’t mean the end of the world.

For He knows that no one is perfect, including me.

He understands disloyalty, experienced it first hand.

And rather than submit to the temptation of flesh,

The Spirit encourages me to bite my tongue.

When those malevolent words are swallowed,

And replaced with gracious prose,

It is then that bitterness retreats

And Love wins.


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