Welcoming Summer

I take a quick glance behind me. The sun has made its appearance, bouncing off the window, turning the dull classroom into a more natural atmosphere. When the sun shines through, memories of summer warm my heart.

I can feel the heat emanating through the screen, bringing a sense of warmth that beckons me out of the confines of the classroom.

Outside the window reminds me of windy days where I can lay out in the sun, warmed by it’s rays, but not chilled by spring’s breath.

I can smell freshly cut grass wafting into my nose, nature making it’s presence known. Birds chirp loudly, while squirrels run wildly up and down trees, finally awake from winter slumber.

Natural light always brings a sense of joy into my heart. The sun, in all its glory, makes the young girl at heart smile uncontrollable. The soft breeze of summer isn’t biting, but inviting. It promises refreshing, cooler moments.

The flowers bloom, their petals an array of assorted colors. In summer, trees are at a healthy color green, erasing the memories of gray winter.  They whistle with the help of the cool breeze. The rustling of leaves promises shade if the sun does get too hot for my liking.

Yet here I am, staring outside, wishing I could experience nature’s gift of June, July, and August.

Only a few more days until I am free of lesson plans and teaching in front of a whiteboard.  Only a few more days until I no longer worry about entering grades into the grade book or keeping track of schoolbooks borrowed over the year.  Only a few more days until my skin turns darker, because of my forgetfulness toward sunscreen. Only a few more days until my feet will have awkward tine lines from my sandals. Only a few more days until I can fully experience summer.

I observe my students who are vigorously studying for their final exams, heads stuck in books, or eyes gazing over study guides. They too are counting the days of  summer, where homework does not exist and where staying up late becomes fun. Hanging out with friends takes precedence over homework when summer arrives. No worries of alarm clocks being ignored, and snooze buttons being pressed over and over. Because snooze buttons also take a back seat to summer.

Bonfires intermingling with cool summer nights become the topic of discussion. Summer fairs and festivals become the norm for pre-teens and teenagers a like. Beach days are a staple to summer schedules too. Fireworks lighting up the night sky turn into a summer tradition, and boats on the water is an every day occurrence.

As teacher and students return to work, we imagine welcoming summer with open arms and huge smiles.




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